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In 1985 Ken Medema launched Brier Patch Music, a small independent recording, publishing, and performance-booking company named after Brer Rabbit's home in the legendary Uncle Remus stories.
"Brer Rabbit lived in a place not comfortable for anyone else," Medema says, "and we have decided to follow him there."
In 2001, the company was advised to adopt the title Ken Medema Music in order to achieve better name recognition on the internet.  Brier Patch Music is retained as the publishing entity of the company, whereas, Ken Medema Music is the performance part of the business.
Ken still maintains the focus of the company, namely to use music and storytelling to help build communitites of compassion while specifically using his skills as a music therapist in order to communicate with the unique needs of his diverse audiences. 

Photo of Ken
Ken Medema
Across the years, Ken has shared his passion for learning and discovery through storytelling and music with an ever-growing circle of followers around the world. Ken has been performing for over 40 years in many different venues: churches, conventions, colleges, corporations and more, for groups ranging from 50 to 50,000 people. Though blind from birth, Ken sees and hears with heart and mind, singing stories from his audience and accenting themes and perspectives from speakers and workshop leaders. Ken custom designs every musical moment through improvisation and new composition to bring each event to life.

Ken and his wife, Jane, make their home in Alameda, California. Together, they work on program designs for Ken's events, making time to explore new developments in religion, psychology and culture. They share a passion for movies (yes, Ken is an avid movie consumer), books, new music and politics, and love keeping up with two feisty grandchildren.

Photo of Beverly
Beverly Vander Molen
Beverly is the traveling companion, sound person and visual navigator with Ken almost 175 days a year. Her background as a producer, music director and event planner comes in handy for the various types of venues in which she finds herself now. Although she is a trained organist, the sound board has become her instrument of choice.
When home with Dave, they enjoy quiet evenings catching up and being the grandparents to their four grandchildren ages 12-21.  In 2010, Beverly and Dave sold their home and moved in with their grandchildren and their parents, a daughter and son-in-law. They enjoy the community spirit of living as extended family.
They also have a son and daughter-in-law in Syracuse, NY who have three children.

Photo of Dave
Dave Vander Molen
Dave, the backbone of Ken Medema Music, spends much of his time designing graphics, e-mailing clients about details of booking an event, confirming travel arrangements and logistics, in order to discover individual needs and preferences in designing a concert or appearance for Ken. Dave is also responsible for designing and producing all the publicity, graphics, and web information to keep Ken visible.
In 2012, Dave made a conscious decision to move out of the Booking Agent aspect of his job while maintaining his other duties, in order to pursue his work as an artist and in particular, wood sculpturing.
Dave carves out moments with the grandchildren who visit the office when they are not at school and is the friendly caring voice you hear when actually calling on the phone for a booking.

Photo of Janet
Janet Jarriel      
Janet Jarriel is Ken's NEW booking manager.  She prefers the title "personal representative" because she is committed to the promotion of the artists she represents as well as serving the presenting organizations that engage her artists. A talented musician herself, Janet represents a roster of distinguished artists with international reputations and credits.
Janet has one son, Haiz, and one daughter, Marie Claire. They live in Franklin, Tennessee with their beloved dog, Lexy.
When we met Janet, it felt like we had known each other forever and she is a most welcome new member of the Medema Team. You can reach her by calling 404-663-4135.

Photo of Janel
Janel Joppie
Janel's first love is Interior Design.  Janel owns her own business, Integrity by Design.  She enjoys hours of time as a decorator, designer and mom of 4 children (Beverly and Dave's grandchildren)
Janel has spent the last bunch of years volunteering as the bookkeeper, and positive thinker of the crew. She always says, "Everything happens for a reason---so adjust" When confronted with a difficulty, she always reminds us to be thankful, that we have our health! 


Photo of Josh
Joshua Joppie
Our most recent staff member is Joshua. He is the new webmaster, keeping the site up to date. He has a great eye and a fast mind and happens to be the 1
8 year old grandson of Dave and Beverly Vander Molen.
Josh has singlehandedly constructed our new website which made its debut in June 2012.
Need a website constructed? Email Joshua


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