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Brian Sirchio
Brian Sirchio:
A new collection of songs for churches in the contemporary genre that deal with justice and are theologically interesting and uplifting.
Music for the Soul
Music for the Soul:
Cynthia Joy Levi
Cynthia Joy Levi:
Cynthia Levi’s new album, "Finding My Song", produced by Ken Medema is available on her website.
You can also hear samples and book her for concerts!
We have done work with this Micro-finance organization and love what they are doing.
Brian McLaren
Brian McLaren:
You don't get better than this. Ken and Brian work well together!
Michael Junior
Michael Junior:
A fine young comedian who believes that his comedy must be clean enough for the church audiences, and funny enough for his Vegas crowd.
Big Sur International Marathon
Big Sur International Marathon:
An old friend who has lived thru Katrina and many other storms and is now running a marathon and is looking for sponsors!
Free Wheel Chair Mission
Free Wheel Chair Mission:
Don Schoendorfer has designed a $44 wheelchair for third world countries and is now bicycling across America to raise awareness.

Hal Leonard

Hal Leonard Corporation

Hope Publishing Company
Hope Publishing Company

Shawnee Press

Shawnee Press

Mark N. Aikins
It's alwaysa pleasure to let friend know about other friends.
In this case it is a pleasure to let you know about my friend Mark Aikins.

Mark is a poet whose work I have mentioned before.

Warmth in the Brilliant Darkness

His book
is now out
and I recommend you take a look at it.
The poetry is rich and warm and filled with deep devotion.
Have a good time meeting my friend Mark.


Friendship Ministries

Friendship Ministries
Ted and Co. Theater Works

Rediscovering the Love, Laughter And Soul of God's Stories
Ted performs One Man Shows as well as shows with other performers.
Ted and Ken are now working on a concert version of Jacob's Ladder available for booking this fall.

lyra linda music lyra linda music

Lyralinda Music

Linda Missad is our fabulous transcriber. Visit her site for more information.
We highly recommend her to anyone who needs music arranged or notated!

Family Promise

Family Promise

Family Promise

Hammond's Ride Guide

Ken has written the theme song for this book about seniors learning about other ways of freedom when they cannot drive their own cars anymore. He knows a lot about this...
Al Staggs
Al Staggs:
Here is a great speaker and friend. His performances Enlighten, Inspire and Entertain.

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