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Ken at Texas Choir Clinic June 2012

Ken at Texas Choir Clinic, June 2012

Kurt Kaiser, Ken MEdema and Charlie Brown

Kurt Kaiser, Ken Medema  and Charlie Brown at a reunion of the College Choir of 7th and James Baptist Church


Ken and Sandi Patty

Ken sings with Sandi Patty at Win-some Women Retreat






Meg Brown and Jane Andrews
Good friends from Win-some Women Retreat,
 Meg Brown and Jane Andrews

Phil Mitchell and Ken Medema

Phil Mitchell and Ken at First Baptist, Richmond, VA




Ken and Uwe Steinmetz

Ken performs with German composer and improvisor, Uwe Steinmetz at Wheaton College


Ken teaching a blind student


Acton UMC Choirs

Acton UMC Choirs, Grandbury, TX with director Suzanne Cate sing
 "Come Build A Church"

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