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Big Fish, The (A Whale of a Tale)

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The story of Jonah and the Whale is uniquely told through a "film-noir" style, like an old-fashioned detective movie. This new musical, written by Grace Hawthorne and music by Ken Medema, is a fresh approach on the Biblical story.
Kids and adults alike will find both humor and truth in this creative musical for unison singers. It features minimal staging, and minimal set, making it a great first musical for young choirs. The songs included are: Stormy Night Theme; Runnin' from the Lord; No Greater One; Deep Sea Blues; It's a Miracle.       
Performance time: 20 minutes
THIS MUSICAL IS AVAILABLE FROM YOUR LOCAL MUSIC RETAILER.  It is available in various formats.  Here is the variety:
Unison Reproducible Book  UPC: 038081473413   Publisher ID: 42481  $34.99
Performance CD    UPC: 038081473376  Publisher ID: 42477  $16.95
Accompaniment CD   UPC: 038081473383   Publisher ID: 42478  $49.99       
Unison Book/CD Pack (limit one) UPC: 038081473406  Publisher ID: 42480  $12.
Reproducible Kit    UPC: 038081473369     Publisher ID: 42476  $69.99
Performance CD 10-Pack  Publisher ID: 42479  $59.95 

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