Is Your Phone Ringing? 2 Disc Set (CD)

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Is Your Phone Ringing was originally released in January 1986 on 2 separate cassettes.

The original masters of these albums were destroyed years ago. Brier Patch Music, Ken's publishing agency, has taken the original cassettes and re-mastered them with today's technology and with great care to get the best clarity and possible sounds.

It is our hope that you enjoy a leisurely stroll down memory lane with some Biblical characters as they come alive through Ken's music.

Disc 1 includes the following songs:

  • Sing Halleluiah/Poor Wayfaring Stranger,
  • Whistling in the Dark
  • A Place for Dreaming
  • Phone Call to Joshua
  • Hope in God
  • Phone Call to King Saul
  • Lover of the Children
  • Phone Call to Queen Esther
  • What Have I Come to Now?
  • Phone Call to Moses
  • Moses

Disc 2 includes the following songs:

  • Phone Call From Melchior
  • Long, Long Journey
  • Phone Call to Mary
  • Hush Missus Teenage Mary
  • I'll Go Tell Elisabeth
  • Phone Call to Ananias
  • Sittin' by the Window Praying
  • Is Your Phone Ringing