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Is Your Phone Ringing? 2 of 2 (CD)

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Is Your Phone Ringing was originally released in January 1986 on 2 separate cassettes.
The original masters of these albums were destroyed years ago. Brier Patch Music, Ken's publishing agency, has taken the original cassettes and re-mastered them with today's technology and with great care to get the best clarity and possible sounds.

It is our hope that you enjoy a leisurely stroll down memory lane with some Biblical characters as they come alive through Ken's music.

Disk 1
Includes the following songs:
Sing Halleluiah/Poor Wayfaring Stranger,
Whistling in the Dark,
A Place for Dreaming,
Phone Call to Joshua,
Hope in God,
Phone Call to King Saul,
Lover of the Children,
Phone Call to Queen Esther,
What Have I Come to Now?,
Phone Call to Moses,

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Disk 2
Includes the following songs:
Phone Call From Melchior
Long, Long Journey
Phone Call to Mary
Hush Missus Teenage Mary
I'll Go Tell Elisabeth
Phone Call to Ananias
Sittin' by the Window Praying
Is Your Phone Ringing

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