Just One Dance ( Digital Download)

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As I listen to Just One Dance now, I realize, somewhat painfully, that it sounds just a bit old, whatever that means. The advances in synthesizer technology in the last few years have made it possible to make such finer sounds now that this material sounds a bit thin if you know what I mean. That not withstanding, I really like the songs on this project. I am especially fond of Black Budget and Carnations and a Rose. In truth everything on this little project gives me a reason to be pleased accept the one song we left out of the downloadable version. If you have the old cd, you will notice that Quit It is not there. That's because none of us at Ken Medema-Brier Patch Music liked the song. I think if you have not already heard this material, you will find it most pleasing and if you have heard it, well now you can easily download it and pop it on your MP3 player. There is energy, fun, and some pieces of my heart on this project. Some love songs are here which have come from deep within me. Enjoy please and let me know what you think of Just One Dance.