Stories to Tell & Gifts to Share (CD)

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A brand new CD rom which includes 4 new original, congregational, singable, memorable songs by Ken Medema based on scriptural tests that help us understand what offering is all about.

Changed for Good: A rollicking reflection on the story of Zaccheus
Luke 19:1-10
"No more watching from the top of a tree. . .
I'm being changed for good."

A Gift Multiplied: A gentle folk ballad on the story of the five loaves and two fish
John 6:1-13
"For a gift that is shared
Is a gift multiplied."

No One Goes Without: A hymn that longs to realize again the dream of the first Christian church that wealth, possessions talents food in short just about everything would be shared so that there is provision for everyone.
Acts 4:32-37
"Till all the hungry shall be fed and
No one goes without."

Whatever I Have: This song seeks to interpret the historic confession of the apostle Paul while in prison
"I have learned in whatsoever state I am there in to be content."
Phil 4:10-14
"Whatever I have or have not
Whatever I am or am not
I can do anything now
In the one who makes me who I am"

This CD Rom includes:
  • the Sheet music in PDF format with permission to make up to 50 copies
  • the power point lyrics
  • the recordings of the songs sung by Ken Medema with Julie Bame
  • the accompaniment tracks produced by Ken Medema

The CD Rom is a companion to the Bible Study resource produced by the ELCA and published by Augsburg Press.


a gift multiplied
changed for good
no one goes without
whatever I have