Watching the Sky (CD)

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This mostly instrumental album, incorporates many traditional Christmas carols, in a style Ken is known for. This easy listening, soon to be Christmas favorite, includes carols and other material not generally thought of as Christmas material. If you listen carefully you will catch the ways in which these pieces make sense together. This was fun to put together. I hope you enjoy this little addition to the wealth of Christmas music this year.

Titles include: Watching the Sky, Three Ships Sailing, Heavenly Light, Rejoice, Johnnie's Coming Home for Christmas, In Manger Born, Here is the One, Gloria, Hush Missus Teenage Mary, The First Noel and a Bonus Track: I Wonder as I Wander

You won't want to miss out on this limited time release.

Check out these samples:

The First Noel 
I Wonder as I Wander 
Watching the Sky 
Three Ships Sailing 
Heavenly Light 
Johnnies Coming Home for Christmas 
In Manger Born 
Here Is the One 
Hush Missus Teenage Mary