Come to God's Party (Digital Download)

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In Come to God's Party Ken Medema helps students explore the meaning of five biblical stories: the great banquet ("Come on in"), the song of Miriam ("These Are the Days"), Easter ("I Could Dance for a Week"), creation ("Before There Were Roses"), and Zacchaeus ("Zack, Jack"). Each theme has enough materials for two to four weeks, so this five-story Firelight unit can be used for as few as 10 weeks and as many as 20 weeks. In addition to Medema's energetic music, the curriculum suggests such learning activities as art, drama, movies, food, and even video production and computers-all on the general theme of that middle school favorite, the party.

To order the Firelight Curriculum which is a five-lesson unit for middle school students, uses Ken Medema songs to stir interest in and enhance biblical stories-stories that are applied personally and corporately. This "Come to God's Party," Download and accompanying guide are part of the Firelight curriculum of Augsburg Fortress.

This Download includes the following selections:

  • Come on in
  • These Are the Days
  • I Could Dance for a Week
  • Before There Were Roses
  • Zack, Jack


Before There Were Roses
Come On In
I Could Dance for a Week
These are the Days
Zack Jack